Image of a Bound Girl

Here's another pretty decent flick from the long list of stories by Oniroku Dan adapted to the big screen by Nikkatsu. Shoujo Shibari Ezu (Image of a Bound Girl) was released in 1980 and directed by Masaru Konuma. Konuma is well known for having directed some very famous SM movies, including the two Woman in a Box movies and the original Hana to Hebi (Flower and Snake).

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Saotome Hiromi Ageless SM Princess

hiromi 01

Hindsight is 20/20 vision.

When I think back to 1984 I can remember where I was and what I was doing. The thought induces a certain pang of regret that I didn't make my way to Japan much sooner. I feel that I was about a decade late.

Besides being the title to a famous novel, 1984 was the year Saotome Hiromi appeared in her first big time SM movie, a film called Nawa Shimai: Kimyo na Kajitsu. I'm afraid I don't have the English title handy just now. I get the "nawa" part but after that I'm lost.

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Blood Ritual: Devil Worshipers vs. Naked Girl


Yes, zombies devil worshipers, a naked girl and a sacrificial altar upon which she is eventually tied. What's not to love?

This is the second review in a row featuring a Hong Kong flick, interestingly enough. Most of my collection consists of Japanese sinema. But this one is just too good to ignore any longer.

I picked up the VHS tape of this film in Chinatown I don't know how many years ago. Everything was in Chinese on the cover, of course, so I don't even know the name of this one and I haven't been able to get any more info about it. (Update: The movie is called Blood Ritual. See comments).

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Bamboo House of Dolls: Best WIP Flick Ever

bamboo 1

What we need around here are some movie reviews.

I contacted a friend about this. I've yet to receive his reply. But he is very knowledgeable on the subject of Japanese and Chinese cinema, especially when it comes to these cheesy, exploitation flicks that had their heyday in the 70s.

So, in lieu of an actual, qualified critic, here's my take on Bamboo House of Dolls, a film I consider to be the greatest WIP (women in prison) flick of all time.

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