Hey, FC2. What's Going On?


How many times will a reader attempt to access a site that gives him the above message before he stops trying?

This blog host company, FC2, seems to want to find out. Yesterday we were off the net for hours. I checked several blogs on the 126 server and they were all down, down, DOWN.

Downtime. Not good, FC2.

In one crummy month with this service, I have been unable to access the blog several times. This latest was just the longest stretch. No news from FC2. No email. Nothing on their site. Nothing on their blog. Nothing on their forum (which is filled with spam).

What good is a blog host that just kills your hard-earned traffic?

Update: Okay, it happened again since I wrote this post! However, since then they seem to have fixed things and we've been fine for the past few days. Let's hope it stays this way. They got rid of the spam on their forum and they mentioned the problem on their blog (after the fact). All in all, I like FC2 and want to stay here. I hope they don't make that impossible.


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