Where Is She Now?

I first came across this gorgeous creature via the 1990s sexy late night TV show, Gilgamesh Night. This program, long since off the air, also featured popular actresses Mizutani Kei and star-crossed Iijima Ai.

I have previously reported that Ms. Mizutani appeared in an episode with Randa Mai, a young nawashi at the time. Randa performed a bondage suspension on a topless and blindfolded model and later applied some rope, loosely, to Mizutani after the latter had obligingly removed her top.

Ms. Iijima had a rough childhood and got into porn at a young age and then appeared on Gilgamesh Night as the "T-Back Queen". She went on to a successful career in mainstream television but retired suddenly and was later found dead in her Shibuya apartment in December 2008.

I know practically nothing about Anna Kazuki, sad to say. I do know that she appeared in a couple of Cinemagic videos, one of which had some pretty hardcore SM scenes.

Here are a couple of shots of a nasty whipping scene carried out by veteran Cinemagic actor, Hayami Kenji.

And here are a couple of VHS covers.

Video available here.

Video available here.

I just recently learned that Ms. Kazuki had a bit part in a movie I had never heard of before: Orgazmo. The movie came out in 1997 and was directed by Trey Parker of South Park notoriety. It was a box office bomb.

Too bad. I'm tempted to look around for this movie just to see if I can catch a glimpse of Ms. Kazuki.

In the meantime, here are a few videos from her days on Gilgamesh Night.


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How about a regular "Where are they now?" feature where we ask just what happened to those performers that intoxicated us a handful of times (or maybe just once) and then disappeared into the ether?

Most gals don't last in the AV spotlight very long...the likes of Hiromi Saotome are a rare breed. Maybe they get married? Or get "a proper job"? Who knows! We never forget them, but they have probably forgotten "us," or at least tried their darnedist to do so. One imagines almost all use psuedonyms. Indeed, we find some who have multiple screen names. So tracking them down is a hopeless task. The best we can hope for is having their complete videographies to hand, so at least they're there - on screen - when we need them.

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Well, I think a fair number do get married and then get "out of the biz". I still can't help wondering what they're up to these days, though.

I believe Anna Kazuki would only be 34 years old now.

I don't know how regular it will be, but I'm sure this type of post will pop up again. I asked Tanaka Kinichi whatever happened to Oka Naomi. I didn't get an answer but the body language suggested to me that 1) he really didn't know or 2) he didn't want to tell this blogger whom he had just met. That said, I recently came across a link w/ reference to Ms. Oka. I think there was something in there about work with NHK, or some such thing.
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