Videopalooza: Deadly Pussy Ninja

I have a bunch of videos I've come across that I thought were interesting but just haven't had the right post to put them with. So I thought, why not just have a video post? A videopalooza, if you will.

Might as well start with this one. It doesn't have anything to do with SM except for the fact I saw this lady's show once at a sleazy strip place out in Chiba Prefecture that was hosting some live bondage shows the same day. Osada Steve was there. I met Randa Mai for the first time and some famous mistress was there as well whose name escapes me at the moment. She's known for getting hapless volunteers up on stage with her and treating them to a golden shower.

Anyway, this lady's name is Yoko and the things she can do with her pussy defy belief. In the video you will see her breaking pencils and bending a spoon with her powerful vaginal muscles. She's also good at propelling stuff through the air with speed and accuracy. In the video she aims a cigarette at some dude in the audience and hits him in the face with it.

That's nothing. In the show I saw, she launched darts at some guy who was holding balloons for her on stage. Not a single miss. Unbelievable.

She also does some pussy pyrotechnics.

This lady is awesome. If I ever see her again, I plan to find out if she's unattached. With a pussy like hers, well, you can use your imagination.

I'm not embedding this particular video here but am providing the link. This video is a bit longer than I'm comfortable with. Plus, it's not censored.

This way to the Deadly Pussy Ninja.


Here's a nice one to get started.

One of my favorite strippers.

An interesting game show.

The next two may be iffy. Let me know if they don't play for you. They are hosted by my blog platform, FC2, and I'm not sure if you can watch them if you're not signed up with them.

Looks like some behind-the-scenes shots from the 2005 Flower and Snake.

And finally, staked out piggy torture.

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