The Audience Is Throbbing


The excitement is palpable over at ForumBondage.

It isn't often you get to see a real Japanese rope artist doing his thing outside of Japan, so the folks who attended the second edition of the London Festival of the Art of Japanese Bondage were in for a special treat.

Hajime Kinoko was on hand (along with his busty sidekick) to perform shows and hold special classes in the art of kinbaku. It seems a lot of very good photographers were on hand as well. I'm reproducing just one of the photos here. Check out ForumBondage for a much larger selection. (Note: If you want to see the goodies, you need to register.)

There are also a couple of videos available:

Video I
Video II

Esinem, one of the sponsors of the event, is to be commended for bringing authentic Japanese kinbaku to a Western audience.

Update: Hajime Kinoko will perform at Torture Garden in London on April 30 and will present kinbaku workshops at BoundCon in Munich, Germany on May 7-8.


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