You Can Never Be Too Thin or Have Too Much Rope

So I went shopping today and picked up asanawa and tenugui. Believe it or not, this is the first time I've bought my own asanawa. I've used it before, yes, but have been satisfied in the past to use my cotton rope from the 100 yen shop! Oh, that and my nasty (and dirty) rice rope from the home center. That stuff kicks ass. And it's cheap.

The asanawa came in a set of 10 pieces, 6mm in diameter, 10m in length.

One thing seems to be true: Once you've used good asanawa, you just seem to want to keep on using it. It's really amazing rope. Especially for our purposes.

Also had a nice lunch with one of my pals. He lent me a video that was produced many years ago by Cinemagic and Yukimura Haruki. There's plenty of eye candy in it but it is mainly about Minomura Kou and features Arisue Go, Dan Oniroku and Nureki Chimuo among others. I had seen this video years ago but didn't realize its significance at that time.

I have a goal now to have this video translated into English. We'll see how that works out.

Some more shots of my booty.

By the way, all these tenugui are printed, not dyed. The dyed ones can get quite expensive.


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Ropes looking great

Congratulations with your new set of jute ropes! They look really nice - hard wound and yet smooth on the surface. I'm just curious, are they produced by Nawaya?

All the best from Denmark, Copenhagen

PS I love your writings about the Kinbaku scene. Keep it coming! :o)

No title

Thanks a lot! Actually, this rope was obtained at a secret location that maybe only a few people know about :-) It was told to me in confidence so I can't spill the beans. I did take my French pal there once, though, and he was duly impressed.

If you're not in Japan, I do highly recommend JUGOYA or NAWAYA. I think they have some pretty good sources for excellent asanawa (mabe this place :-)
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