Hajime Kinoko, In His Own Words

While I'm slaving away here trying to get this interview I recently conducted ready for publication, I thought I'd post these photos I received from Hajime Kinoko which were taken at his rope event in Shibuya a few weeks back. These photos were taken by another photographer and present a little different perspective from the ones I posted here earlier.

Also, there are three new photos at the end giving a taste of the hojojutsu demonstration.

In addition, the recorded interview with Kinoko was given the once-over by the multi-talented rida and she has provided us with some more usable quotes which I've superimposed over the photos.

Anyway, the next report is an interview I recently conducted with superstar bondage photographer, Sugiura Norio, and I'll have that up next week sometime. There is a lot of historical information in this piece (Sugiura goes back to the early 70s) and, as a result, I've had to do a lot more research than is usually the case and there is some other work going on behind the scenes as well.

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Beautiful post and photos KJ. Thank you! I can definitely relate to Kinoko-san's sentiment about the rope being "an extension of my own senses."

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I thought you would like some of these quotes v-218.

Really Great!

Great! Thanks for it KabukiJoe!

Nice Pic´s I like Kinokos Work!



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Thanks for reading. v-218


Very sweet posting, nice pictures, and what I like the most is the 'view on the mind' of Hajime Kinoko. It is always nice to learn how great kinakushi (and I hope I use this term in the right way) look at the art they exert!

just great!

Greetings, Ligatio

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Thanks, Ligatio.


Please, please, would it be possible to get access to the pic or the words on the pic that was taken down, with the words about the chopsticks and it being a part of his own senses? I would love to get a hold of that quote, at least, because it is so much how I feel myself.

All the best


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No pics have been taken down. It's still there, fourth from the last. Are you not able to see it?

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Ah, there is just a icon for a broken pic there. Am I the only one who can't see it?

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Well, son of a gun. I'm on a Mac and it comes up fine in Firefox and Safari but I only periodically check things on a PC in I.E.

I think I recognize the name. Are you over at Forum Bondage as well? I can upload the pic over there for you (hopefully the mods won't mind :-). There's another way short of emailing it to you. Let me know if you're on F.B.
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