How to Make an SM Movie (That Doesn't Suck)


Suffice it to say I've seen a lot of bondage flicks. Most were, at best, so-so. A lot were simply garbage. Very few were classic. Very, very few.

I have a simple goal. I want to create very good SM movies. I feel the same way about my photography. Recently I've been mesmerized by the work of Sugiura Norio. He is one of the, if not the, premiere bondage photographers in the world. His work is marvelous, especially his older stuff when he was shooting film. Digital is nice if you like that really clean look. The resolution is there but folks, it ain't film.

The same thing goes for video.

Now, personally, I can't afford movie film. But I love the look of film. I've even seriously considered the idea of shooting something in 8mm -- just to get that bitchin' film look. But 8mm seems quite grainy to me. And even with 8mm, the cost is exorbitant.
I have an HDV camera here that shoots 24p. Twenty-four progressive frames, the way Hollywood films are shot. It doesn't look like film but it is...interesting. I have another camera that shoots 30p. It really saturates the image but I kind of like the look. I've decided I can live with the looks of these cameras when everything is said and done. Film is just too expensive and too much hassle. Maybe some day.

I also use a digital SLR. It might be worthwhile to switch back to film when taking stills. I like the look much better than digital. And at least I can afford film for a stills camera. Of course, you have to have it developed and then scanned, but all that's doable.

Now, here are some rules if you're trying to make a classic SM flick:

1. Don't do the same thing everyone else has done. Perhaps my biggest gripe with videos coming out of Japan is the nearly ubiquitous lack of imagination. It's an unfair stereotype that Japanese just copy stuff and have no original ideas. It's simply not true. But, the producers of SM films here are only helping to prolong this stereotype.

2. Don't show long, drawn-out tying scenes on screen. I'm pretty sure I'll get some flak for this one. Sorry, this is a rule. Long, drawn-out tying scenes are boring and only appeal to hardcore shibari people. There's a reason why you never saw any of this in a Nikkatsu movie: those people knew how to make films. Some guy sitting on the floor for 15 minutes tying a girl in an oh-so-pretty way is a recipe for utter boredom. I should add, however, that this is fine for a live show. In fact, it can't be avoided. Just don't make a movie with this in it.

3. Remember the basics. Get a decent cameraman. Do you remember what a tripod is? Might want to think about using one now and then. Don't bang the camera. Don't move the camera around all the time. How am I supposed to jerk off if the scene doesn't stay static for a bit? Don't worry about holding a good shot for awhile. Don't overdo it but holding a shot for a little too long is better than the other way around. Don't use fades.

4. Location, location, LOCATION. Sorry to shout but this really gets on my tits. Sure, you can shoot in your apartment or, I know, let's rent a hotel room! Or, better yet, how about one of those faux red plastic dungeons? Jeez, nobody's ever done that before.

There's a lot more to be said on this topic but I'll leave it at that -- for now. May the next bondage flick you watch not suck.


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Although SM Predator is still to be released, I'm already planning some new videos. One, you're going to hate. It's all bondage. Hot, genuine scenes with a real rope slut shot in one take. The other might tickle your fancy, however. Rough plot: Smart city girl, on her way home, gets taunted and mugged by a girl gang. They pick on the wrong lady! She turns the tables; kicks the shit out of them, then fucks the shit out of them ;-) Does that work for you?

Absolutely! Especially if they get tied upv-14 Hmm. These smileys kinda suck.

Actually, I will be interested to see the first one as well since I know it will be a quality production. -- KJ
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