Around the World in Rubber and Ropes

Hope you remember me! Nine months have passed since my last article.

I happily recognize this blog has been attracting more attention in the scene thanks to KabukiJoe's efforts. The good thing is that KJ focuses on providing high quality information on the bondage scene in Japan from the source country.

It's hard to know what to write as I have too many topics. I can say 2009 was a year of "Tour de Kinbaku" for me--so many things have happened during the last nine months including a lot of traveling.

FetiSM, a small fetish event I organized for the first time in February was a great success as KJ reported here (thanks!). The venue was filled with energetic air but was cozy and comfortable (at least for me). I've never seen so many people playing with rope at the same time! Thank you for all who made a visit to the event, and also a big thanks to the staff.

My goal for the event was to have more "vanilla" visitors to show how artistic, beautiful and erotic a kinbaku performance can be. In general, people have a stereotype impression of a kinbaku performance as a harsh, dark BDSM thing in which a naked girl is tortured.

It is of course one of the categories of kinbaku performance but what I wanted to show was something different.

There are quite a few fetish events in Tokyo but you see the same faces everywhere. Visitors at such events are almost fixed and I felt "the scene" was saturated and people were kind of getting bored with similar events. To spread kinbaku as an art, we need more new visitors.

Superstar Gon Arisue, surrounded by girls at FetiSM

By getting rid of the dress code and combining the kinbaku show with a mainstream performance, I thought we could invite more new faces who are a bit interested in, but have never seen, a kinbaku performance.

Capoeira, a Brazilian rhythmical martial art demonstration seemed to be the best option for me to merge with. A handsome friend of mine, who practices capoeira, and his friends gave us great cooperation during the event. As a result we had 50 percent fetish visitors and the the other half were vanilla visitors.

Cool DJ Joji Sawada at FetiSM

Honestly, organizing an event took a lot of energy and was more time-consuming than I had expected. But in the end, it was worth doing. I have been asked to organize another FetiSM in the near future but at present I'm not 100 percent sure if I will do it again. We shall see.

If I organize it again, I would like to keep it a compact size event and not disperse the energetic air of the venue by making it larger scale.

In May, my partner Arisue Go made his first international kinbaku performance and instructional tour to Europe, which I also attended.

In Sweden. Something is funny...

We visited Denmark, Sweden and the Ukraine during the 12 day trip. There were, of course, some funny happenings: Arisue was often scrutinized by random, extra security checks. The ropes (which were important for the performances/shows) had to be checked in and not carried on. I was upset at Ukrainian immigration. Detailed report later, maybe.

As Arisue wrote and commented in his latest tutorial book and DVD, Kinbaku Mind and Techniques 2, the enthusiasm of kinbaku practitioners in Europe was quite something. Thanks to the kind and accepting people, we were always very comfortable and relaxed.

Performance show in Denmark

Although Arisue is not used to traveling abroad, he enjoyed the entire trip without suffering jet lag. In the Ukraine, his already long lower part of the nose became even longer thanks to so many beautiful women. Due to so many super model-looking girls around, he couldn't decide which he liked best. Definitely he would like to go back to Europe!

Only a week after coming back to Japan from the European tour, I had to leave for another big trip alone. This was literally a round-the-world trip. After such an impressive and fulfilling European adventure, I wasn't ready to make another big trip mentally or physically.

Arisue spins a top in Ukraine

As it turned out, I made use of the opportunity to the fullest and met local fetish people in person from city to city and we enjoyed playing with ropes. I started on the west coast of the US, crossed the country and then flew to Brazil. I traveled around Brazil and then flew to Spain. I passed over Denmark and Ukraine (where I had just been two weeks before!) and stayed in the UK. Then I traveled through the UK and finally left London for Japan.

Right now, at the beginning of December, I am writing this article on a flight on the way back to Japan from New Zealand via Australia.

BBQ with fet friends in USA

Thanks to a kind online friend's arrangement, I was able to see an Aussie local fetish person who is very active in the scene. I was honored to be invited to a fetish event organized by the person during my stay. It flattered me and, of course, I was supposed to play with ropes.

I was well prepared and had my fetish clothing and make-up in my suitcase. But, but, but...this sensitive girl caught a cold there due to the air conditioning and at the time of the event, I had a fever over 39 degrees C. Sadly, I couldn't make the event.

Kogure suspended a 130kg boy in Brazil. Yeah!

As I have made several other international trips, I have probably made about three and a half trips around the earth this year. There should be an award like "Miss Kinbaku International" or something like that. I think I would win that.

Would a detailed diary of every trip be interesting to you? I may write it sometime in the future as I think no other Japanese girl has experienced these kinbaku friendship exchanges in so many countries of the world in such a short time.

See you next time!

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