Documentary with Naka Akira

I came across what appears for all intents and purposes to be a documentary on Japanese bondage. It appears to be a British production. The embedded video I have here is quite short but, from what I can tell, it seems to have been shot very well. I was impressed with the production values.

I can't really comment on the content as this trailer is much too short to draw any conclusions. But it looks very interesting, and it has well-known bondage artist Naka Akira in it which should cause a lot of aficionados to take notice.

If anyone knows anything more about this documentary, don't hesitate to let us all know in the comments.

Speaking of Naka Akira, I mentioned earlier that I was planning on crashing his party in the not-too-distant future. Well, I did go over to one of his places but, sadly, no one was home. I had two addresses for him, both in Nakano.

One appeared to be more residential than the other. I really didn't feel like knocking on the poor guy's door if it was his personal residence. The other one was in a busier commercial area so I went to that place on a Saturday night.

Sometimes in Japan I can't tell if these buildings contain apartments/condos or businesses -- maybe both. Anyway, I gave it a shot in the hot, humid summertime but came up empty handed. Will have to swing by again one of these days.

Update: Thanks to the commenter below, we are informed that this was a documentary that appeared (possibly in 2006) on Channel 5 in the UK. Here's the link to more info. Not specifically a doco on Japanese bondage, but has some Japanese stuff included. It was called How Fetish Conquered the World.


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UK Channel 5 Documentary, "How Fetish Conquered the World."

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Great. Fantastic. Thanks for the info.

Now going to check out the link.

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Yep, Tony Mitchell is a veteran of the London scene
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