Ninja's Secret Weapon: Triple D Distraction

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A reader wrote to me inquiring about a video he had seen online. He believed the title was Kunoichi and he supplied the URL. He was interested in getting more information on this video.

I checked it out. Although this was definitely a Japanese video, the site in question was completely in English. Furthermore, it appeared that someone had uploaded virtually the entire video. It's a free streaming site and the video was broken up into four segments. I link to, or embed, short videos and trailers. I don't link to these kinds of sites for obvious reasons.

Hit the Read More link for additional coverage and a video.

I didn't watch the whole thing. I'm not a big fan of streaming video, truth be told. I prefer good old fashioned DVDs or downloads. But that's just me.

kunoichiI watched enough to see that the video was very well shot. It had a kind of Cinemagic quality to it. Definitely shot on video with a 4:3 (i.e., square) aspect ratio. The editing was good except for a few goofy transitions and effects, traps that many, shall we say, less-seasoned editors fall into. It comes under the Just Because You Can Do Something, Doesn't Mean You Should heading.

The actresses were absolutely top-notch. One in particular (as you can see from the photo above) had enormous tits.

Now, kunoichi refers to a female ninja. This video has ninja and samurai sword-wielding bad guys and some pretty good jumping and tumbling effects. The bondage is pretty run-of-the-mill and the "torture" techniques are fake, unimaginative and ultimately a letdown.

This isn't meant to be a review since, as mentioned, I didn't watch the whole thing. I was just searching for a clue as to the producer of this video. And I found it. Very small and easy to miss but there it was.

It turns out this video was produced by the company known as Attackers. They have their offices in Shibuya, if I'm not mistaken. The video came out in 2007 and appears to be one in a five-part series. You can check out the video at the online DMM site.

Even though it has its weaknesses, I can see why this video would be popular. In my less-jaded days, I probably would have liked it quite a bit. Somebody obviously likes these vids since there's a series of them.

Speaking of Cinemagic, I showed up over at their offices last week, unannounced as usual. I didn't have my interpreter with me this time so I just wound up leaving my business card with the first young fellow I ran into over there. A friend of mine asked me (referencing my earlier post) where I'd gone before this. Well, the first place I went to was Soft On Demand.

sodBefore heading off to these places, I naturally located their addresses on the map. Then I tried Google Street View to see what they actually looked like. Actually, I already knew what the Soft On Demand building looked like, having been there a few years before. But I had no idea what the Cinemagic building looked like. While the map was accurate, the result I got on Street View was a million miles off.

Street View showed some dilapidated old apartment buildings while, in reality, the Cinemagic building was a relatively new commercial building. It looked quite nice. Not as fancy as SOD's digs, but still nice.

Unlike SOD, there was no security guard downstairs. The building was a block off the main drag in a largely residential area. The building had more of an industrial, rather than commercial, look to it.

My map indicated that the building was on a main street in the northern part of Nakano but I wasn't able to locate it. I eventually found a small picture of the building online but had brought neither the picture nor the address with me. Sometimes, having a Japanese address is less effective than just walking around hoping to get lucky.

I decided to go one block to the west of the main street figuring that my map was somewhat less than precise. After walking back and forth a few times, I saw a building that looked right. On closer inspection, I saw a sign that had a three-letter acronym (which I now forget) and the word "Cinemagic" below that. Paydirt!

A door was ajar so I slipped in. There were a couple of doors just inside the entrance but I was unable to detect any activity behind them. I heard some commotion upstairs so I made my way up to the second floor. It sounded like there was a party going on behind one of the doors.

Just as I reached the landing, a young guy about 25 years of age appeared. He just glanced at me and kept walking as if he thought I was supposed to be there. I decided to just try my luck with him so I caught his attention. I didn't have much success communicating with him in my very broken Japanese but he did take my card and so it should wind up in the hands of someone important -- or in the round file.

I'll be going to another venerable producer of SM porn next week.

In the meantime, here's a trailer of the video I started out with in this post. This is actually on YouTube. No nudity, though, so maybe it'll stay up. Only YouTube knows for sure.


A commenter asked if this video was part of what appears to be known in the West as the Ninja Vixens series. Apparently not. The video in this post is from the company Attackers. The Ninja Vixen series is produced by TMC under their Junk Film label (yes, you read that right!).

I haven't seen any of the TMC offerings but, at far as I know, these are softcore porn vids with a ninja theme and little to no bondage, while the Attackers films emphasize bondage with the ninja theme thrown in for a change of pace.

Below is a comparison of the Japanese and Western versions of the same movie produced by TMC. So, not to be confused with the series from Attackers.


From TMC

From Attackers

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Is this from the "Ninja Vixens" series of pink eiga? I've only seen one or two of the series, and think this is similar.

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Not sure about the Ninja Vixens title. Here's the link to the series:
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