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Awhile ago I mentioned that I was in the process of writing a script for a kick ass piece of video schlock that I was intending to shop around. Well, the script has been finished and I finally visited the first place on my list which just happens to be the biggest purveyor of porn in Japan.

I had been to this place once before several years ago. At that time, I just breezed through the front door and into the elevator. There was an elderly gentleman serving as a security guard of sorts on the first floor but he just smiled and waved me along.

I wasn't as lucky this time.

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The first time I went there, about four years ago, my goal was to secure a distribution deal for my first video. Unfortunately, the video just wasn't quite up to snuff so I wound up self-distributing for the most part. I was also put into contact with a large distributor in Osaka (now defunct) and got the disc into something like 600 shops around Japan. That was in addition to the places in Tokyo I had approached myself that agreed to put the DVD on their shelves on a consignment basis.

I sold a few discs and managed to eke out a small profit. The only problem with doing it this way was that the money came trickling in over a fairly long period of time.

Then I started thinking I would rather just put together a decent script, plan everything out, and sell the idea. I also wanted to work my way into a directing job and, to a certain extent, apply my humble editing skills, especially when it involved my own work.

The fortunate thing about this most recent trip was that I was accompanied by a young woman with excellent Japanese language skills. Nevertheless, we didn't get to take the elevator ride. Their security was much tighter this time around. The sign-in sheet and ID badges were right up front on the big marble desk at the first floor security station.

When we introduced ourselves, the security guard apparently thought we were a couple of clueless tourists who'd taken a very wrong turn. "Do you know what kind of company this is?" he asked. When we assured him that we knew exactly where we were, he placed the call.

In about a minute, a man in his thirties in a starched white shirt and silk tie (with a badge around his neck) came down and introduced himself. We exchanged our business cards and he motioned for us to follow him.

We went through a very narrow passageway and at first I thought our meeting was going to take place in the broom closet. "I don't think this guy is taking me very seriously," I thought to myself.

But soon enough the passageway opened up into a very nice and comfortable company cafeteria. We sat down on some stools at the bar and got down to business.

The fellow who met with us was a producer according to his business card. "That sounds good," I thought. I decided to first pitch myself as an editor and someone experienced at applying that annoying mosaic pattern required by law for AV (adult video) sold in Japan. I slipped in that I was interested in working my way up to being a director.

I had my script with me, of course, but the fact that it was only in English was a major stumbling block. I already knew this would be a problem. I was hoping for the same luck I'd had the previous time when I was able to just zip up the elevator and speak with a cute young girl who had a good command of English. I was thinking, if given the chance, I could sort of pantomime the essentials of the script and my ideas on how to shoot it.

The producer asked some questions and, thanks to my friend/interpreter, I was able to field the questions well enough. We talked about video editing (turns out they are not tied to just one platform) and shooting formats. At one point, he became curious as to the nature of our relationship. The young lady told him that she and I had just met that day for the first time, which was true. He seemed to think that was kind of weird and funny at the same time. All I know is that I was just happy to have someone along with such great Nihongo skills.

I guess we talked for about 15 minutes and I mainly tried to leave him with the impression that I would be the right person to call on as a freelance editor. Good way to get the ol' foot in the door, I thought. Then we were out of there.

I must say, I quite enjoyed my second visit to Japan's biggest porn company. True, they mostly produce standard AV material but they do venture into some stranger territory, including a certain amount of bondage stuff. I guess we'll see what happens.

In the meantime, I have a few more places on my list I need to visit.

Below are a couple of videos I thought you might enjoy.


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