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Hello and nice to meet you. I'm Noe, a Japanese girl who lives in the Kansai area. I'm "Noe" on FetLife too, so look me up if you like.

clipsI had the honor the other day of acting as an interpreter on Graydancer's interview with Arisue Go, a Japanese kinbaku artist. Arisue-san was very nice to talk with, and it was fun to chat with everyone involved. I would not have been able to do the interpretation without a lot of help from Kogure-san. I'm a newbie, and I know little about kinbaku, or BDSM in general.

Graydancer's questions were interesting to me in a way that I can see how serious the American enthusiasts are about kinbaku. The general preconception is that the Japanese are a serious and diligent people, the Americans more fun-loving and relaxed. Yet, I can clearly see how Graydancer thinks seriously about kinbaku.

As far as Arisue-san's answers are concerned, I'll leave it to you to listen to the interview.

Now I think Arisue-san and Kogure-san have already departed for their European tour. I wish them a lot of success and fun!

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