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Before I get to the main event, just thought I'd mention that the previous post, the Master "K" interview, broke all the records around here. The interview seems to have been very well received. For a guy who doesn't toot his own horn, Master "K" is certainly well known in the community of serious Japanese bondage aficionados.

In other news, a friend alerted me to the fact that Loft Plus One will be hosting the notorious Mira Kurumi in some sort of event coming up soon. I'm going to try to get to this to see about covering it for the blog.

Hit the Read More link for further coverage and videos.

kurumiI've met Kurumi on at least a couple of occasions. He does what is known here as "hard play". Very hard play. Personally, I'm okay with hard play but I do have my limits. I'm not interested in leaving any permanent marks, know what I mean?

So, Mira Kurumi and I look at things a bit differently, I think. The other problem with strictly hard play is that it, at least for me, seems devoid of erotic content. As a wise man once said: "It's easy to go hard." I took this to mean that it's easy to knock someone around but not so easy to make it interesting or entertaining in any erotic way.

This was the genius of the old 70s and 80s movies from Nikkatsu, Shin-Toho and other companies. For the most part, they were fake through and through but they were done well enough that you suspended disbelief and got a charge out of them.

The downside of video (as opposed to film) is that everything looks too real. It's harder to fake stuff in a video -- to get the viewer to suspend disbelief. Compare a daytime soap opera (or durama as they're called here) with a shot-on-film Hollywood movie and you'll see what I mean. Night and day.

Still, Kurumi is an interesting guy. I've heard that he doesn't consider himself to be any sort of nawashi. He does, however, like to do magic tricks and has the reputation of being a kind of bondage magician.

Now that I think about it, I've run into him on at least three occasions. The same friend and I went over to his studio once a few years ago and took in a show. He had a nice underground (literally) studio that was surprisingly big. I think he shoots a lot of his videos there which are released on the Dragon Image label.

pred 2You may recall that I reported a few posts back that Esinem and I got a look at a famous Yoshitoshi woodblock print known as The Lonely House on Adachi Moor while he was here in Japan. After he'd returned to the UK, he emailed me informing me that he had purchased this masterpiece! It's now proudly on display at his residence somewhere in London. It looks like he is planning an exhibit of some sort for June so anyone who is, or will be, in the vicinity should try to check this out. It's not every day you'll be able to see this infamous work by Yoshitoshi, considered to be Japan's last great ukiyo-e artist.

And while on the subject of Esinem, it appears he has finished his first full-length video and has sent it off to a couple of the more well-known fetish download sites. I don't believe it's gone online yet but when it does I'll be sure to post the links here.

This just in from the man himself:

The Predator is coming to get you...

After some tense times, when I thought I had not only lost the main drive on my editing PC but also overwritten my back ups with corrupt files, my debut home-grown movie is finished. Today, I finally mailed it off to AEBN and Fetish Movies to put online, so I expect it to go live in a couple of weeks.

SM Predator is a dark, sadistic tale of abduction and torture. The Predator, played by yours truly, becomes obsessed with Kat, a very well-endowed young blonde, who he finds on an SM contact site. After she rejects his creepy online advances, he stalks her and finally abducts her. Once back at his lair, she is subjected to relentless intimidation, cruel Japanese bondage, flogging, snake whipping, industrial size nipple clamps, hot wax and needles before finally being forced to screaming, squirting orgasms…but in the word’s of the Predator: “It’s not over yet...” There’s a twist, the ultimate mind-fuck!

The stunning Ichigo, a genuine submissive, makes her debut as Kat, and yes, those JJ assets are definitely all her own. Whilst you are waiting for the video to go through approval, you can see a short excerpt to whet your appetite, in which Kat gets kidnapped here.

Keep an eye out for those links and don't forget to check back next week when I should have a report up on the happenings at Loft Plus One.

In the meantime, below is a little something to keep you occupied while you're waiting. This is from an exhibit in Germany of Araki photos.


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