Esinem in Osaka -- The Predator Lurks


I received an email from Esinem letting me know he had arrived in Osaka safe and sound. He'll be spending several days in the Kansai region before coming here to Tokyo.

I believe I've already mentioned that I met Esinem last year in Tokyo when he came here to study kinbaku with various masters of the art. He ended up being interviewed by the people at S&M Sniper when it was still in magazine form. There was a video interview included in the DVD that accompanied the magazine. I also believe he got some coverage in the magazine itself either on that or a previous occasion.

We had a good time eating Korean BBQ at some place in Shin-Okubo, just a stone's throw from Shinjuku on the Yamanote line.

So what do two perverts talk about while gorging on pork and beer? Why, making an SM movie, what else?

Hit the Read More link for more coverage and videos.

I don't remember how the conversation went but suffice it to say that we agreed that it would be cool if Esinem were to shoot a movie in London -- something that just might appeal as well to the tastes of a Japanese audience.

Upon his return to England, Esinem set about doing just that. The result: SM Predator, a dark tale of a beastly sadist's obsession with an internet model who foolishly resists his heavy-handed online advances.

predatorWhen she tells him to fuck off or she'll call the police, our hero goes into a rage after reading the words on his monitor. He smashes a beer can and cuts up a nudie magazine with his knife. Then he tracks the bitch down.

The rest I'll have to leave to your imagination but it looks like the movie will be available very shortly. Actually, the movie has been completely shot and edited so it should be coming out soon in the West. However, the Japan version needs to have the mosaic in strategic locations. I hear that this is pretty much done as well but there have been some computer crashes in the edit suite which have set back the release a bit.

Esinem thought he would have it finished by the time he came to Japan. Unfortunately, that was not to be but I'm sure he'll be able to wrap it up after his return to the UK. After getting over the jet lag, that is.

I've seen the rough cut of the movie. There is stuff in there that is pure genius, especially the stalking/kidnap scenes. Some of the parts in the evil garage of horrors could have used a wider angle lens. That is mainly due to the bust size of the actress who is very well-endowed, indeed. The actress is named Kat in this flick and she does a superb job in her role as the naked, bound and tortured girl, plucked off the street and thrown into the Predator's van where she is chained and stripped before being driven to the Predator's lair.

If you're a fan of huge-titted blonde chicks in bondage, this movie won't disappoint.

Since there does seem to be a small yet enthusiastic market for this kind of fare in Japan, I was especially interested in having this type of actress for Esinem's first video to be released here. He definitely came through with the goods.

As soon as things have been finalized, I'll put up some juicy pics here as well as a trailer. Stay tuned.

Well, it just goes to show that I don't know everything. Here I've been lamenting the lack of any good recent WIP (women in prison) movies and I just recently find out that there's an Italian director by the name of Bruno Mattei who made one as recently as 2006. The film is called The Jail: A Women's Hell.

jail 2Setting aside grammar irregularities, what's not to love about a title like that? I haven't seen the movie but I've got a trailer here that looks pretty good. It was shot in the Philippines which, for my money, is the best place to shoot a WIP film.

The link I have here isn't to YouTube but I found a YouTube version as well which quite surprised me. I guess nudity is okay when it's a film but not okay when it's just a video.

Now, I read that this wasn't shot on film but, rather, HD video. It's pretty hard to tell when watching small internet movies. However, as I've said before, there is a film style of shooting and even if it was shot on video, it looks very professional to me.

It should look professional (well, as far as these kinds of films go), since Mattei had been in the business for decades. He died in 2007 at the age of 75.

I'm including another movie at the end of this post. This one doesn't have any bondage but it features a slow-motion sword fight from the Japanese film Sex and Fury starring Ike Reiko. I have this film on DVD but haven't watched it in awhile. There was one short bondage scene in it but we don't see that part here.

By the way, Ms. Ike is completely nude in this battle.


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