Browser Bummer

scriptSo the other day I decided I should check out the site using Internet Explorer, you know, just to be sure.

Another blog I was writing for previously used a different platform (WordPress) and, at that time, I was using a Toshiba laptop, Windows OS and IE as my browser. So the blog was "optimized" for Internet Explorer. After the laptop died I switched to a Mac Mini and have been using either Safari or Firefox. Mostly Firefox as I personally don't care much for Safari.

But I fired up my new PC the other day just to have a look at the site using IE. (I generally don't use the Windows box for the internet. It's my editing machine and as such, I really don't need some virus in there screwing with my software.)

I figured the layout of this site would look pretty much the same. Boy, was I wrong. What a disaster.

Hit the Read More link for info. Don't miss the last video called Guillotine Show.

First of all, and I've noticed this before, the fonts in IE look awful compared to either Safari or Firefox. I'm not sure why this is. Maybe I'm just using an old version of Explorer. It's a mystery. I also noticed that the font size was smaller than with either Firefox or Safari.

Another problem is that, with IE, the blog gets stretched across the width of the monitor instead of being nicely centered. This, combined with the different font size, completely ruins the "look" of a lot of posts. For example, I like to wrap text around photos. The photos are now all over the place in Explorer.

I don't know if this is an Explorer problem or an issue with the blog software. I went in and changed some of the HTML and that improved things a little but it's still not acceptable. Unfortunately, I don't know much about HTML so I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to fix the problem. I may have to just use a different template, one that plays nicer with various browsers.

I hate to do that because I've become rather attached to this template. It would be a shame to have to switch, but it may be unavoidable.

I have finally finished my script. Yes, I have written a script for an SM movie. Do people even write scripts for SM movies? I don't know, but I have.

This movie will be shot (if it is shot) "video style" as opposed to "film style". By video style I mean that there will most likely be more than one camera and the shooting will all be done hand held. I don't think I'm going to be able to get around that on this project.

In other words, I will be violating some of my own shooting rules. Shoganai. It can't be helped on this one. It's not going to be a work of art but it should be quite appealing as a "junk" video jack-off flick.

I'll be shopping this script around and using other people's money. I have to do this because the cost to produce this will be prohibitive for me. The script calls for a cast of around 25 actors, for example, and that's not including the production staff and all the people behind the scenes.

As soon as I put the finishing touches on this script, I'll be starting another. The next script is going to be amazing. It will be shot on high-end equipment and be feature-length, roughly 90 minutes. It aspires to Hana to Hebi quality. Hana to Hebi was shot on 35mm film.

Obviously, this project will be going the OPM (other people's money) route as well. It's going to require a lot of collaboration but there will be fewer compromises. In the end, it could potentially be shown on the big screen.

The story takes place in the Old West. That's all I can say about it at this time.

I found a couple of interesting vids at the Nico video site. The only problem is, you have to register in order to view the videos. It also seems like these videos take forever to load.

I've included the links here. If you can figure out how to register (the process is all in Japanese), then you can watch the vids.

I've included another one which you can just click on to play. It has a "bondage" scene a little way in. I'm using that word loosely but the actress is very cute and it's worth a look.

Update: Threw in another one at the bottom. It's called Guillotine Show or Neck Hanging Show. It apparently took place at the notorious Department H.

Update #2: I am now able to embed most Nico Nico video. Unfortunately, this first one refuses to allow itself to be embedded so you will still have to register at the Nico Nico site to be able to watch it.


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