The Roaring Nineties

Now that I've spent some time bashing the 90s, I would be remiss if I didn't note something good about that time period: Japanese TV.

The first time I came to Japan, in 1994, I stayed at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel. I was only here for a few days and spent most of the time out just wandering around Tokyo. After a long day of sightseeing, I'd return to the hotel and turn on the boob tube.

To my surprise (and delight) there was T & A all over the place -- and even bondage.

And this wasn't on cable or satellite TV. I'm not even sure if there was satellite TV back then. This was regular, over-the-air broadcast television. As an example, there was a game show that had a pretty young woman tied up quite stringently as part of the fun.

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Another show appeared to be a peek into an audition for a bondage movie. A woman would come into a room and sit in a chair placed in front of a long table. Five or six men were seated at the table. After a bit of chit chat, the woman would remove her blouse and bra and another guy would come over and tie her with her arms behind her back.

After some more banter, she would be untied and leave the room only to be replaced by another cute, aspiring actress.

Another program actually took us on a behind-the-scenes look at a bondage video shoot. I remember everything being quite dark and everyone was speaking in a low voice. They put a mosaic over the face of the woman who was bound and completely naked. That was interesting.

jockey There used to be a great show called Super Jockey. If I recall, it was on Sunday mornings, not late-night TV like the others. I don't remember seeing any bondage on that show but there was always a part where the guest starlet would have to mount a small, revolving platform. A curtain was put into place and she would have a few seconds to remove her clothing and put on a bikini before the curtain would drop to the floor.

Usually, the girls had their bikinis completely in place just before they were revealed, but at least once the girl hadn't got her top on in time. The little platform she was standing on then started revolving slowly and she had to stand there and do a few turns while topless.

This was the same show that featured the glass tank of steaming hot water. According to this site, the girls would wear advertisements on their bikinis (which cut down on the number of commercial breaks) and the trick was to stay in the hot water as long as possible.

There seem to be quite a few videos of Super Jockey available on the internet and they all show the girls on the revolving platform in their bikinis. But I distinctly remember at least one episode where the girl was topless. I clicked on one of the video links and, sure enough, YouTube had removed it. I wonder if this was that episode?

gilgamesh 92One of the greatest shows of the 90s was Gilgamesh Night which came on late Saturday evening. This was a kind of sexy variety show with a lot of special features involving scantily clad or fully nude women. For example, there was one segment where a female photographer would direct a model in an erotic photo session.

The late Iijima Ai became one of the hosts of Gilgamesh Night. At that time, she was transitioning from her career as an AV actress to that of a TV personality. After Gilgamesh Night went off the air, she found success as a talking head on more mainstream television programs. That is, up until the time of her death in December 2008.

At first there was talk of foul play or possible suicide. It was known she wasn't in the best of health. The latest I have read is that the cause of death was pneumonia.

Iijima Ai was certainly the most famous AV idol to have appeared on Gilgamesh Night, but there were several others who stood out as well. Two of my favorites were Mizutani Kei and Anna Kazuki.

Mizutani Kei is quite well known, having appeared in various popular videos and photo books. I don't remember the title, but there is at least one video in which Ms. Mizutani is bound. This is a pretty old video and I suppose there have been a few more since then.

Anna Kazuki is less well known but she is equally beautiful. Unlike Mizutani Kei, she has appeared in some pretty rough bondage fare. She starred in one Cinemagic video in which she was quite brutally bound and whipped. She was in at least one other Cinemagic video that I am aware of but that one was more fetish than SM.

A young Randa Mai also appeared on Gilgamesh Night. At first he was interviewed and then he moved over to a large, steel frame. A girl wearing a robe and a blindfold was standing under the frame. He removed her robe and she was naked underneath except for panties. He then proceeded to bind her and dangle her from the frame.

After the bondage demonstration, he went back over to the table and started talking again. The show concluded with Mizutani Kei removing her top and being gently bound by Randa. The second video below shows just part of this segment but you can see Randa Mai there in his red outfit.

So, while movie production has certainly suffered since the 1990s, there were a lot of great TV shows on at that time. I haven't watched TV in ages, but it appears this sexy style of TV programming has moved completely to cable and satellite.

I guess it's time to buy a new set and hook up the cable.


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