In Search of Oka Naomi

While everyone has heard of Tani Naomi, there seems to be precious little information available on the other Naomi: Oka Naomi. Although in a previous post I reported (thanks to my friend who is much more informed in this area than I am) that the two Naomis actually appeared together, at least once, in a Nikkatsu film.

I have searched the internet in both English and Japanese for information on this beautiful actress and have come up with very little, indeed.

One interesting thing to note about this actress: her name is written in at least four different ways in Japanese. I found this out when I was out poster hunting. I thought the picture on the poster looked like Oka Naomi but I had to confirm this with the shop owner just to be sure.

Here are some examples: 丘ナオミ -- 丘奈保美 -- 岡尚美 -- 丘なおみ

Hit the Read More link for additional coverage, videos and photos.

From what I can tell, she began her film career in 1972. And, unless I'm mistaken, she last appeared in a movie in 1987 and that film, interestingly enough, was A Taxing Woman where she appeared as a beauty parlor proprietress. A Taxing Woman is quite a well-known mainstream film, a far cry from the kind of Violence Porno fare she appeared in in the 70s and 80s for which she is now famous.

mag 03From my research, it appears she had roles in no less than 34 features throughout the 1970s and 1980s. I have seen some of these films and have a few on DVD as well. Some of the best SM flicks she starred in were released by the company Shin-Toho but it also looks like she made films for Nikkatsu and Toei.

Most of the DVDs I have acquired have been transferred very nicely from the source material. However, a few seem to have simply been copied from the VHS master. In other words, yes, it's on DVD but at VHS resolution. Fortunately, these are a minority.

There are a number of places around Tokyo where you can sometimes stumble upon amazing blasts from the past when it comes to 1970s and 1980s sinema.

One of these places is Nakano Broadway in Nakano, a five-minute train ride from Shinjuku. Nakano Broadway is a huge building with an eclectic mix of shops ranging from restaurants, clothing outlets and model shops. It is the home of Mandrake, for example.

Nakano Broadway also has a little shop where you can sometimes find wonderful old posters of 1970s Nikkatsu, Toei, etc. SM films. However, there is an even better shop for these in Jimbocho.

Although Akihabara is traditionally known as "electric town" and still has a large selection of shops specializing in consumer electronics and just about any cable, plug or doodad you could possibly need, it has gradually been evolving over time so that now it also has a lot of shops catering to manga and anime freaks. It has become well known for its maid cafes.

It also has some pretty good used bookstores where you can find some treasures. My friend found a coffee table-style book featuring Akechi Denki and the model Asabuki Keito. A lot of these pictures have been available on the internet for years, but there's just something about having the original. If my friend hadn't grabbed it up, I would have.

oka 04But back to Nakano Broadway. The last time I was there, I found this large magazine which looked interesting. Books and magazines here are usually encased in plastic wrap making it impossible for the customer to actually peruse the contents. This magazine was the size of a small telephone book and while the front cover looked interesting, it was the full color photo on the back that really attracted my attention: a photo of Oka Naomi in bondage from one of her films (see gallery below).

The book cost me 2,625 yen and was worth it, even though the majority of the contents had nothing to do with SM. There was stuff in there from the 1970s ranging from Japanese movies and actresses all the way to John Travolta and Saturday Night Fever.

And, there was the lengthy article on Oka Naomi complete with several additional pictures. Now, if I can only get this translated, I would guess this would be the first time this much information had come out about Ms. Oka in English.

As I was going through what little information I could find on Oka Naomi, I came across some other things I thought might be of interest to readers of this blog. The picture below is from the 1973 movie Terrifying Girls' High School: Lynch Law Classroom. This isn't the only movie to have the word "lynch" in the title. Not sure where that comes from.

A short video follows the picture.

After this, there is a video of the movie 女番長ゲリラ (Girl Boss Guerilla) and this one definitely has Oka Naomi in it. She's the one who gets her head shaved.

And I've thrown one in just for fun. A gallery wraps up this post.


Credit: Much of the information for this post came from this blog.


oka 03 sukeban video 01 video 04 video 03

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Something not quite right about that book photov-14 Flip it over and you'll see the katakana reads 'RomanPorno'.

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Whoa! Good catch. Don't know how it got flipped. Weird thing is, if it had been kanji or hiragana I probably wouldn't have missed it.v-7
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