Live Bondage Show in Tokyo


Here's one I had all but forgotten about.

Frankly, I am surprised it has stayed on YouTube for as long as it has. Over 40,000 views and counting.

This was shot in a part of Tokyo called Azabu Juban. From what I hear, this is a rather upscale area. The event is called Tokyo Decadance (intentional misspelling, presumably). It seemed to be mostly a fetish event with people prancing around in outlandish outfits and a DJ. To my mind, the only interesting part was the shibari performance put on by Osada Steve and Asagi Ageha.

This was shot with two cameras in high definition and then dumbed down a lot to fit in with YouTube's requirements at the time. I guess they're now allowing high def stuff to be uploaded and viewed. This is a misnomer, I think. I don't believe this is technically high definition video. But if it looks better than it did before, well, that's an improvement at least.

The idea was to have the video fast-paced and basically keep time with the pounding beat of the music. The concept was good but the execution left something to be desired. I have since figured out how to do this. I don't think I could do it properly with one camera but it's definitely doable with two.

UPDATE: If you read Japanese, here's an interview with Asagi Ageha courtesy of the web version of S&M Sniper magazine.

Update (2009/02/12): Well, it finally happened. After months on YouTube and well over 40,000 views, the video has now been taken down for violation of YouTube's policies. I'll share some thoughts on this in my next post.


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