Blood Ritual: Devil Worshipers vs. Naked Girl


Yes, zombies devil worshipers, a naked girl and a sacrificial altar upon which she is eventually tied. What's not to love?

This is the second review in a row featuring a Hong Kong flick, interestingly enough. Most of my collection consists of Japanese sinema. But this one is just too good to ignore any longer.

I picked up the VHS tape of this film in Chinatown I don't know how many years ago. Everything was in Chinese on the cover, of course, so I don't even know the name of this one and I haven't been able to get any more info about it. (Update: The movie is called Blood Ritual. See comments).

This is more of a "scene" review than a movie review because, really, the best part of the movie comes at the beginning. If you're into zombie devil worshiper movies in general, then you'd want to stick around for the rest of the flick. For me, after the beginning, it just went downhill.

The movie starts with an outdoors shot at night of a spooky-looking old house. Cut to the inside where we see some nice female legs but only below the knees. She is wearing white socks and red shoes and stumbling through a corridor of the dilapidated house. There is graffiti on the wall. It is dark and at one point she accidentally kicks an old beer can that has been left on the floor.

Cut to a bunch of zombies devil worshipers in hot pursuit. Well, not really hot pursuit. As everyone knows, zombies devil worshipers can't really move that fast. At least these zombies devil worshipers aren't jumping up and down with their arms stretched out in front. They're wearing white outfits and one has a flashlight.


Cut back to the girl who is continuing to try to get out of the house and away from the zombies devil worshipers. Now we see that she is completely naked. Sweaty body. Nice tits. Exhausted, she can barely stay on her feet as she bumps up against a filthy wall.

It goes on like this, cutting back and forth. At least once the camera pans up the girl's beautiful, glistening body.

Eventually, she reaches an iron gate. She tries to pull the gate open but it won't budge. She pulls frantically on the gate multiple times as the zombies devil worshipers close in. The eerie zombie devil worshiper sounds get louder and louder. We see that the gate is secured with a heavy lock and chain. Finally, the zombies devil worshipers reach their prey.

Next, we're treated to an overhead view. The zombies devil worshipers are carrying the nude, struggling girl on their shoulders. They take her to the sacrificial altar which is covered with a white sheet. They bind her to the altar with her wrists and ankles apart. She is thrashing around so much one of her shoes comes off.

A zombie devil worshiper walks toward the altar carrying a box. A huge knife is removed from the box and, well, you can figure out the rest.

If I eventually get any more information on this movie, I'll certainly pass it along here.


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This is the quite rare (ie. it's never been released on DVD) 1989 HK horror BLOOD RITUAL. I'm surprised you couldn't ID the film as the title card actually comes after this scene...or at least it does in my version, which is a DVD-R that I copied from the laserdisc (that I sold), and apparently the LD is a cut version while the VHS released by the same company is uncut, Weird! So maybe your copy is edited differently? BTW those aren't zombies but from what I recall just some kind of devil worshippers, and the majority of the film concerns the police trying to track them down.

Ha, ha. Thanks for that. I knew you would come through!

I started to digitize everything and, to save space, encoded only the "good stuff". Title got cut off.

They kinda walk like zombies, though, don't they :-)
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