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First off, please overlook my awkward English as I’m not a native English speaker nor have I ever lived outside Japan. But I think even my poor English may be useful for non-Japanese readers to have some idea about Japanese SM, than if I write only in Japanese. I will try to write like this using my small vocabulary to the fullest.

I’m glad to start contributing articles to SM Detective. Although I’m not an organized writer, I hope I can add some color to this blog to help out KabukiJoe.

I recognize a Londoner friend of mine, Esinem, has already attacked Japan's borders by posting his article here before mine. I need to intercept this octopus cannon with my small bazookas.

A little bit about myself:

I am Kogure, a Japanese girl and a resident of Tokyo who loves bondage and has some other kinky preferences. For example, sub-dom switch and bisexual (although I’m not a swinger).

I prefer more artistic photos and videos to crude genital/sex ones. In other words, I like fetish things more than pornography.

kogure 01My biggest fetish is immobilization -- tight bondage either with rope or other Western style leather and metal restraints -- and mummification. Other kinks are tight and many layers of gags, flogging and so on.

If you like, you can see my tastes from my humble website KogureGOLD. Your contribution of erotic photos to the Friends photo section is more than welcome!

Though you may think I’m active in “the scene”, I have been strictly separating my kinky side from my official, “vanilla” life for several reasons. I’d like to keep my kinky side as a hobby -- just as an amateur enthusiast. But this part has changed gradually after becoming involved with professional kinbaku artist Arisue Go.

Now, I'm helping run his own online store Jugoya, occasionally appear in his live performance shows and manage some parts of his business, after a certain period of our personal relationship.

Today I think of myself as a semi-professional, or pro-amateur, but never intend to earn my daily bread only from kink activities. Also, my (and his, perhaps) basic idea is to keep our relationship private as much as possible.

So my kink side has two aspects: Kogure the individual, and as Arisue’s assistant/partner. I will write here from both of these perspectives from time to time.

Being Arisue's partner doesn’t mean I’m negative about the other rope bondage artists. There are some other great artists just like him in Japan and overseas and they have their own unique features.

Apart from this, I’m still keeping my individual activities, such as modeling for lovable photographers, enjoying some depravities with friends, exchanging messages with domestic and international fetish friends, etc.

Your feedback, questions and requests about my articles would be very much appreciated. Please leave your comment here or contact me directly at my email address: (admin/at/koguregold/dot/com).

See you next time!

Kogure blogs from, and gets bound in, Tokyo. She is a regular contributor to SM Detective.

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Hey Kogure-san,

Great first post! Thanks for everything!


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Kog, you are far too modest about your English. It's excellent...even though you always sound like I just woke you up :-)

Octopus invasion lands 25 April, Osaka, complete with Panda Division!

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I thank you for running this nice blog, KJ! Oh it's about time to post the next article.

Hi Octopussyv-15,
Thanks but I asked KJ to correct my English!
I must intercept the octopus head with my bazzooookas to protect my country.

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Fire away!!v-14
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