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Now that we've been up and running for awhile, I thought I'd take this opportunity to talk about this blog, SM Detective, and what I hope to accomplish with it.

First and foremost, the blog should be entertaining. Secondly, I want it to be informative. To be specific, my hope is that SM Detective eventually becomes a go-to spot on the web for information about Japanese bondage/SM, as well as a place where we report on various events in Japan before and after they take place.

As a blogger, I'll try to be entertaining when I write something and hopefully informative at the same time. That's a tall order. The easiest way to entertain a throng of lusty male readers is to give them a good dose of visual stimuli in the form of photos and videos.

There isn't a lot of that around here -- yet. Just some warmed-over stuff I've got taking up space on various hard drives. So, my number one goal right now is to get some fresh content up in the form of short, but free, vids and photo galleries. I'm working on it.

In the meantime, I am eternally grateful that Esinem has agreed to supply us with a fairly regular column featuring his own opinions on the subject of kinbaku as well as his and others' activities in Europe and beyond as they relate to the subject.

Most likely, we will have one or two other regular bloggers and I'm also thinking about opening things up to occasional special guest bloggers who are qualified and have something interesting/informative to say. All of this applies to the English content.

This may come as a bit of a surprise, but I am also going to have this blog in Japanese, i.e., 日本語. It's tempting to wax poetic and proclaim that the blog will be a bridge between East and West (which would also be an unforgivable cliche), but the fact of the matter is, most Western readers will not be able to understand the Japanese blogs and the same holds true (in reverse) for our Japanese readers.

However, I am committed to the idea of having stuff written in Japanese by interesting and qualified Japanese bloggers. So, this is a good excuse to brush up on those kanji skills (not to mention hiragana and katakana). Or, you can just follow their links and see where they lead. Maybe you'll find some juicy pictures.

Unfortunately, the expression financial remuneration is foreign to us here. Us bloggers ain't gettin' paid, in other words. So, I have provided links and banner ads to those who have helped (or will help) us accomplish the twin goals of entertainment and information. Please click on those and patronize our bloggers whenever possible. Thanks in advance.

For my part, I will be producing content which will be available on DVDs or for download which won't be free, but, since not everyone may have access to it, I'll try to keep a healthy stream of free stuff coming as well. I like freebies just as much as the next guy.


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I came across your blod the other day and am persuing it from time to time.
Keep up the good work, please!
Wish you the best.

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Thanks. v-218
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