Jail Jailed -- Public Can Now Rest Easy

Four people, two staff and two customers, were arrested March 3 at the SM bar in Roppongi known as Jail, or Roppongi Jail. Jail is a chain of three outlets with the other two located in Osaka and Nagoya, respectively. Roppongi Jail has been in business since 2001.

This was an undercover investigation with at least one news report stating that an officer had visited the club ten times. The reason for the arrests seems to boil down to alleged acts "against public decency". Another report said the violation was “indecent exposure”.

If you do a search for “Roppongi Jail”, take note. A new club by the same name opened in December 2010 and is located close to the original. Why they chose the same name is a mystery. However, the new place seems not to have any interest in SM. I'm not sure what they do there. One of the pictures on their site seems to show stripper poles on the bar.

Jail's mama (manager) and a female staff member "in training" were arrested along with the two customers, a male and a female.

Above is a video of a television news report on the bust. However, there is another video on the web which actually shows Jail's mama and presumably the female staff member walking down the stairs immediately after the arrests took place.

So far, this is the only video I've found on the web actually showing the arrests.

I can't help but wonder how this television station knew the arrests were going to happen.

Were they just in the right place at the right time? Were they monitoring their police scanner? This seems doubtful as there would be no need for the police to be communicating by radio. One assumes (hopes) the arrests were not pre-planned. An officer wouldn't know an offense was going to take place until he/she was actually there witnessing it. I sort of doubt the UC officer was using his/her police radio inside the club.

So that leaves us with this: Was the TV station tipped off beforehand? Inquiring minds would like to know. If they were tipped off, why were they tipped off? And who did the tipping?

So, to sum things up: Four presumably consenting adults are now freezing their asses off in a real jail for committing a victimless “crime” on private property.

It's bad enough the two staff members were arrested and had their faces broadcast on fucking TV. But what about the customers? They are screwed, that's what. They will undoubtedly lose their jobs – add two more people to the unemployment rolls. But I guess it's worth it since we the public are certainly much better off for all this.

I would have to agree an act "against public decency" was committed on March 3 around 10:00 pm in Tokyo's Roppongi district. And I would very much like to see the perpetrators of this outrageous offense punished severely. Too bad they got the wrong guys.


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Too bad the Japanese police have nothing better to do than hang out in SM Bars (I'm sure he had a good time on each of his TEN visits, all of course funded by the Japanese tax payers) in order to make such arrests.

There were always, confusingly, two SM bars called Jail...I visited one of them one time to meet someone who was performing there, and I think this is the one. To be honest I think these type of places are something of a rip-off, but I guess customers know that going in, and if they serve a purpose, what's the harm? The charge is ridiculous as these SM Bars aren't the kind of places one would just drop into to have a bottle of Asahi. Presumably the establishment hadn't paid off the right people (Yakuza, Police) and has now been made to "pay" in another way. As the SM Detective rightly points out, the perpetrators of the "real crime" here are not the ones currently sitting in jail.
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