One Moment Please

Blogging has been light lately here at the detective's ramshackle office. Your patience is appreciated.

I'm involved in a number of projects one of which is co-writing a script for a feature film. Now, this is not my original script idea. That will be written after this one. I've never co-written anything before and this is in the early stages but so far it's going along pretty well. I've got a talented and imaginative co-writer so it will be interesting to see where this goes.

In addition, I've set up a website and have a few products I'm interested in flogging. The one that interests me the most is noren. I just love these things. But it dawned on me that I've never once seen a friggin' kinbaku noren. So I made my own.

Now, this one is kind of cool but I've got some better ideas. Also, the problem is, unless you really get into mass production, the price of one of these things is a bitch. The problem is the set-up costs for printing. Plus, the more middlemen you deal with, the higher the price goes. To buy this noren, for example, would cost 25,000 yen. Ouch.

I have an idea how to get the price down and keep the quality high and make it possible to have custom-made noren. Basically, I'm planning on keeping around a few generic noren but I also want to make available noren that you can have made to your specifications. If my plan works, great. If not, it's back to the drawing board.

The Sekkan post will be coming soon. Thing is, this consists of four movies in all and it's a bit daunting. But I'm working on it.

After The Sekkan, I've got a post planned all about Dan Oniroku. Speaking of Dan, quite awhile ago I put out a call to the gaijin community for well wishes to Dan-sensei due to the fact that he is experiencing formidable health issues. The response was gratifying and I got a lot of really nice wishes from people all over the world.

Giving credit where credit is due, I got a lot of responses from folks at Esinem and Harper's ForumBondage. After that, quite a few people came through as a result of a post on the Kinbaku Group on FetLife. Thanks to all those who sent their well wishes to Dan-sensei.

Thanks to rida and another individual who values his anonymity, everything was translated to Japanese. Thanks rida and Anonymous Person!

I never did get the artwork I had originally planned so I put it together a little differently and I think it looks nice. I should be getting it to Dan-sensei shortly and after I do I'll post a picture of it here and probably on ForumBondage as well.

Stay tuned.


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