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I highly recommend attending one of Tanaka Kinichi's monthly events. I've been to all of them so far (three) and have not been disappointed. You can go there and just drink with your friends for cheap. Watching the show adds an additional 4,000 yen to the cost. As things go in Japan, this is on the low side.

At some events, photography (but not video) is allowed of the pro performers. However, this will set you back 9,000 yen. You should check beforehand if you're a photographer to make sure this option is available.

Tanaka has a long history as a roper and stills photographer for pink films so, not surprisingly, his events have a bit different feel to them compared to a dedicated rope show performed by a master kinbakushi. He often has old SM pink films projected on a screen in another room of the bar and his guests have included famous pink performers such as Ikejima Yutaka and Saotome Hiromi. Whenever I go there, I feel like I'm stepping back in time just a bit.

About a week ago I attended and snapped a series of photos of Saotome and AV actress Aikawa Kyoka. Ms. Aikawa was tied by a fellow who goes by the name Saikatsu. Saikatsu, I would say, is known mostly in Japan and then mainly by hardcore SM aficionados. He was a longtime, close associate of the late Akechi Denki.

And now, without further ado, here we go...

kawa 01 kawa 13 kawa 02 kawa 03 kawa 04 kawa 05 kawa 06 kawa 07 kawa 08 kawa 09 kawa 10 kawa 11 kawa 12 kawa 14 kawa 15 kawa 16 kawa 17 kawa 18 kawa 19 kawa 20 kawa 21 kawa 22 kawa 23 kawa 24 kawa 25 kawa 26 kawa 27 kawa 28 kawa 29 kawa 30 kawa 31 kawa 32 kawa 33 kawa 34 kawa 35

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