Saturday Night Live -- Underground Bondage

I went over to Tanaka Kinichi's event which, for some reason, was held on Saturday this time. But I wasn't alone. I met with rida beforehand and she got the chance to see what Tanaka's subterranean studio/dungeon is all about.

Usually rida has a lot of obligations. I think that's a good way of putting it. But this evening she was footloose and fancy free and really enjoying her time out and a bit of freedom from her many responsibilities. She didn't stay for the entire event at Tanaka's. She had to get over to Sleeping Beauty because she had told the proprietor, Hajime Kinoko, that she'd be paying a visit.

This time Mr. Tanaka had a comedian and an amateur bondage show before the main events. The MC got up and just said, "Hey, any ladies in the room wanna get tied up by Tanaka sensei?" A few hands shot up, one of them being rida's. And so, rida was the second amateur to get tied by the fellow who has tied some very well-known pink film actresses over the years.

I didn't dare snap any photos of the other amateur ladies but I did get some photos of rida as she was being bound. I've put just one of them here, at the top of this post. For the rest (and her thoughts on the experience), skip on over to her blog.

I must say, Tanaka's style is a lot different from that of the kinbaku live showmen. He was extra gentle with the ladies. He struck me as a real nice guy roper.

I asked Mr. Tanaka on a previous occasion just how many pink films he had worked on. To recap, Tanaka was hired as both a rigger and a stills photographer. Of course, I didn't write it down but if memory serves, I believe he told me he had worked on 700 such films. Of that number, about 200 were in the SM category.

Interesting. He really shot a lot more standard pink fare than SM stuff but, of course, there were a lot more mainstream pink films made. All in all, the numbers are impressive.

I forgot to mention before that I had picked up Tanaka's book, Sex Cine Matrix -- The Early Works of Kinichi Tanaka, The Pink Era. I got the book for a good price at his place and, of course, had it signed by him.

Looking through the book, the ratio of photos depicting standard pink films to SM films seems to coincide with the figures above. But there are some old shots in there of two of my favorites, Tani Naomi and Oka Naomi. Those alone are worth the price of admission.

There were two "pro" events this sweltering Saturday evening: model Aikawa Kyoka was bound and Tanaka favorite, Saotome Hiromi, performed her self-bondage and candle wax show.

I don't believe I had ever seen Aikawa before. Where has she been all my life? Gorgeous.

She was tied by an older fellow who was also a mystery to me. I found out later that his name is Saikatsu and he is known by real dyed-in-the-wool SM fans. He was a longtime associate of Akechi Denki's and worked as a kind of personal secretary to the late master.

It's really up in the air whether I'll be posting the photos of Saotome. A shame because some of them came out quite nice. Right now it's not looking good, but we'll see.

I will be able to put up a gallery of the Aikawa photos in the near future. Here's a taste.


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