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I heard more than once that the promoters of the Nawaya Toubaku winter bondage event in Tokyo on Jan. 29-30 were concerned that the event hadn't had enough advance PR. Apparently, the idea of turning it into an international event had come relatively late in the process. They needn't have worried. The club in Shibuya was packed. In fact, I'd hate to see the place any more crowded than it was.

Full disclosure: I was out of town on the first day of the event but was there on the second day.

There were photographers and video crews all over. Video people came from London and France (I believe). I pretty much gave up trying to get a better location for snapping pics. Fortunately, thanks to Rida, I have been able to secure a lot of photos so I'm putting up three galleries; one featuring Hajime Kinoko performing his trademarked neo kinbaku, Naka Akira performing traditional kinbaku, and Shishiwaka doing something in between.

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