The Man Who Gave Akechi Denki His Start

Just when I think I've got a handle on who's who in the Japanese SM world, another name pops up that had been heretofore completely unknown to me. The latest addition to the list of personalities I should have known about, but didn't, is one Mr. Sakurada Denjiro (桜田伝次郎).

Sakurada Denjiro goes back to the 1970s and it would appear that he was one of the first performers to stage live bondage shows in Japan. Not the first. Osada Eikichi tends to be credited with that achievement. However, it comes as no surprise that Sakurada was apparently influenced by Osada's performances and Osada may have assisted Sakurada in getting his own shows started.

Osada Kazumi mentions Sakurada Denjiro in her history of Osada Eikichi.

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