A Visit to Kin's Bar -- Tanaka Kinichi's Big Event

I received word of this event almost literally at the last minute. At first I thought I'd have to take a pass. I had no plans to go into Shinjuku on Friday and since I had to be there again on Saturday, I wasn't looking forward to making the additional trip.

But then I reconsidered. Here's what was happening: Renowned bondage photographer Tanaka Kinichi was having the grand opening of his Kin's Bar, a bar that, as far as I know, had been merely a set in one of his photo studios up to this point. On Friday night it would be turned into a real bar and Tanaka was pulling out all the stops to make the event a success.

The part that really sealed the deal for me was that actress, model and performer Saotome Hiromi was going to be there.

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