Saotome Hiromi Takes Over as Black Heart Mama-San

People who know me know I'm nearly obsessed with actress and model Saotome Hiromi. In fact, I'm just this far away from constructing one of those creepy shrines you hear about every now and then. The only thing stopping me is lack of space in my shoebox apartment.

So it comes as interesting news, indeed, to find out what she's up to these days.

The last I saw of her was her appearance in the film Bakushi, but that was some time ago now. I know she had been a writer for SM Sniper magazine (when they were still in business). Prior to that she had a long and illustrious career as an actress in big and low budget SM flicks.

Now it has been announced that Ms. Saotome will take over as the new mama-san of the fetish bar Black Heart in Ginza. What is a mama-san? A mama-san is basically the manager of a place and, especially in the fetish business, one of the, or perhaps the, most important ingredients to the successful running of such an operation.

They are throwing a party on March 13 beginning at 20:00 in honor of Ms. Saotome's appointment. As far as I know, Black Heart is still an SM style hostess bar with a lot of conversation going on, so you should probably go equipped with a pretty good knowledge of Nihongo. With that in mind, I'll give you all the deets here in the original lingo.

銀座BLACKHEART メールマガジン

新ブラックハート ★☆★リニューアル記念★☆★ 就任披露パーティー 3月13日土曜日 20時~LAST 料金 男性¥13,000、女性¥2,000(フリータイム、フリードリンク)




銀座ブラックハート BLACKHEART


営業時間月曜~土曜/PM20:00~25:00 定休日/日曜・祝日

By the way, the special guest will be Raika.


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