Shibuya Rope Event Features Masters, Hojojutsu

I wasn't able to make it to SM World in Night in Shinjuku a couple of weeks ago. I made up for it by attending an event in Shibuya hosted by Hajime Kinoko and his Ichi Nawa No Kai rope salon.

This one started in the afternoon and continued into the evening, while SM World was an all-nighter. I need my beauty rest.

The show featured very traditional nawa acts with most of the performers dressed in olden days Japanese attire.

I wasn't able to see all the acts because they were going on simultaneously on two floors of the club, a place called Module. Besides this, Module was a lot smaller than I had expected and it was really hard to move around. I was pretty much stuck on the B1 level and decided to remain there after hearing that the viewing arrangement on the B2 level was even more challenging.

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