She'd Rather Be Naked

That's correct. Sugimoto Aya, star of the two most recent iterations of Hana to Hebi, would rather attend a cocktail party in the buff than wear fur. I must agree with this sentiment even though I do have some issues with the cause she is supporting here.

I had read that Ms. Sugimoto recently donated her time and her luscious body to the animal rights group, PETA, but had never come across the photographic evidence. Well, now I have and here Ms. Sugimoto is in all her naked glory.

To be honest, the photograph is tastefully shot so I guess it doesn't really show all the glory that is Ms. Sugimoto. Close enough, though. No complaints here.

Speaking of Hana to Hebi (Flower and Snake), I just realized that Uzuki Taeko had a non-speaking role in the film. She was one of the three women (along with Ms. Sugimoto) to hang naked from a cross and was in at least one other scene that I recall.

The reason I mention this is because Uzuki was Arisue Go's model in the documentary Bakushi which I reviewed earlier. Small world.


sugimoto 02

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