Last Exit from Ikebukuro

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We went out in style on our final evening in Tokyo. After my last class with Osada Steve at Studio SIX, it was Gaijin Night at the Studio. At around 7, the Oz contingent appeared: Mark, Aleni and Lani from Sydney.

Steve opened the proceedings with some hot newaza with Aiko-chan, the lady with the amazing tiger back tattoo. As soon as he’d finished, he turned to me saying it was time for me to do a spot.

A hard act to follow. Hmm, no pressure! Anyway, I did a floor session with Electric Fairie, which Steve said was 100% for energy, if somewhat over-complicated.

Unfortunately, I missed Mark’s show as we had to leave for Arisue’s birthday party and we still had to grab something to eat before embarking on what promised to be a serious drinking session.

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